Alternative Agro-Food Supply Systems

Sub-programme: GRUNDTVIG
Action: GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships

1 CFPPA de Toulouse Auzeville centre constitutif de l'EPLEFPA de de Toulouse Auzeville
2 Anaptyxiako Kentro Thessalias
3 Doumag Ltd
4 E.L.S. Form- Pantheon Park srl
5 Escola Profissional de Desenvolvimento Rural de Serpa
6 IMPULSE Agentur für Projektentwicklung und –management GmbH
7 Instituto de Investigación y Formación Agraria, Pesquera y Agricultura Ecologica
8 Szent István University

The aim of the project is to emphasize the link between local productions and a mode of distribution and consumption of proximity, much more valuable in terms of sustainable development and of eco-friendly behaviour.
Indeed these devices at human scale offer many advantages:

  • Social: to reinforce the bond between producers and consumers by supporting the co-education of the implied actors and the quality of the exchanges;
  • Economic: to develop a production of higher quality while ensuring a better quality ratio/price for consumers
  • Environmental: to preserve the ecosystem by practices less impacting.

The partnership is made up of teaching and training structures (universities, schools, apprentices' schools and training centers…) implied in the thematic. Will also be associated: producers, consumers, associations, official bodies,…

Learners will take an active part in the project either through mobilities or through pedagogic actions led within the structures partners.
The object is to make a full list of the devices and experiments in existence in order to determine the characteristics and the key elements of success and development and then to consider a possible transposition and use in other countries. In a second time this project will help get a clearer vision of the requirements in terms of contents, pedagogy and training which could fit it. The project will take the form of a CD presenting the whole of the productions described above. It will be disseminated to all participants and partners through Internet (on site links, dedicated platform…)