Management of modern Greenhouses

Code: LLP-LdV-PLM-CY-1671106
Action: PLM - "People in the labour market"
Target: Farmers
Activity Period: 09/03/2013 - 23/03/2013
Country: Italy

Farmers must be trained and re-trained because they have to face the challenge of developing modern greenhouses in their region:
• learn about new methods of design, construction and management of greenhouses
• be able to collaborate with stakeholders from different fields in the design, construction and management of emissions (engineers, technicians, agronomists, etc.)
• maintain or increase their income
• be able to apply new developments and techniques in the field of greenhouse crops, on environmental protection and sustainability.
• gain work experience (mainly young people and traditional farmers) through technical visits and involvement in modern greenhouses
In summary, participants farmers will enter into a development process, management and utilization of greenhouses, which corresponds to European standards and will enhance the profile of both Cypriot farmer in the European agricultural map and also the development of active European citizenship which are the key objectives of the program.