Planning and Designing of Urban Spaces

Code: LLP-LdV-PLM-CY-1671260
PLM - "People in the labour market"
Target: Architectures & Civil Engineers
Activity Period: 16/09/2013 - 29/09/2013
Country: Barcelona - Spain

This project involves the training and re-training of engineers in issues of urban environmental planning and the searching of ways of business development and networking as they would result from entrepreneurship visits and seminars that will be organized in the context of mobility. This project aims to fill the gap both in the undergraduate studies and in the acquisition of expertise and awareness-training of those interested in this field. The project is moving towards supporting employability and strengthening the working relationship of the participants in the companies where they are employed. Also, by using the acquired skills of trainees and by their participation in this project, they will gain an extra qualification facing the unemployment in their field which is a consequence of the economic crisis and the great decline of the economic activities. Participation in the project of engineers who are involved in the urban planning, will enable trainees to create "cores" of cooperation and partnership business, aiming both at providing better but mainly specialized services and at highlighting and contributing to the creation of a comprehensive plan management of the urban ecosystem by setting in the center the man and the environment.

Main objectives and expected outcomes of the program is:
-Training of young engineers in environmental planning and the opportunities it gives in their field
-Energy saving and environmental protection
-Knowledge-sharing among European young engineers and specialized scientists
-Education and certification of new engineers in software packages specialized in environmental planning
-Creation of a skilled workforce of engineers who will respond successfully to the new "challenges" and data
-Acquisition of specialized expertise through education of young engineers with visits and placements in such projects.

The host organization will be IAAC in Barcelona, where young engineers from all over Cyprus, will go for two weeks.