Energy & Environmental Design of Buildings

Code: LLP-LdV-PLM-CY-1671156
PLM - "People in the labour market"
Target: Architectures & Civil Engineers
Activity Period: 04/03/2012 - 17/03/2012
Country: Barcelona - Spain

The programme comes to cover a big gap observed in the information and training of architects-engineers in the field of energy and environmental design of buildings.
Main objectives and expected outcomes of the programme are:

  • training of architects-engineers in the field of bioclimatic architecture
  • to highlight the possibilities of energy saving and environmental protection through energy design
  • sharing of expertise among European engineers and skilled scientists in Mediterranean countries
  • training and certification of engineers in specialized software packages relating to bioclimatic architecture for creating a skilled human potential who will respond successfully to the "challenges" to the new situation created by the design and construction of buildings
  • the acquisition of specialized experience through on site training and techical visits of engineers in all phases building construction.