Holistic management of biological cultivations

Code: LLP-LdV-PLM-CY-1671367
PLM - "People in the labour market"
Target group: Biological Producers/Farmers
Activity Period: 31/03/2013 and 13/04/2013
Country: Almeria, Spain

The available data show the possibility of dynamic growth of biological farming in Cyprus. Participants having ahead this development challenge will be trained and retrained so as to:

  •     acquire the appropriate expertise that has to do with integrated management in biological farming
  •     meet the growing demand for food of high nutritional value
  •     exploit to the maximum both the dynamic of the export and domestic biological production sector
  •     certify their crops and their products according to international standards  ((ΕΚ) 834/2007, (ΕΚ) 889/2008 and 235/2008)
  •     be informed about the institutional framework for organic farming in the EU and the laws and ways in Spain in order to transfer best practices
  •     establish a network and a channel of communication between organizations and farmers working in the same sector

In summary, participants will enter into a development process, management and utilization of crops, which corresponds to European standards and will enhance the profile of both Cypriot farmer in the European agricultural map and also the development of active European citizenship which are the key objectives of the program