Skills development in ERP systems through work placements

Code: 2014-1-EL01-KA102-000856
Project title: Skills development in ERP systems through work placements

Period: 11/11/2014 – 25/11/2014

The proposed project was targeted to students of the first EPAL of Metsovo (Greece) in the field of economy and administration. The main purpose of our proposed project is the acquisition of work experience by placing participants in enterprises which apply modern ERP systems in their processes.  Participants, as they have a very good theoretical background in computer science and in management, will ensure a new, unique and very useful experience, so that in the future it can be applied in their workplace. In a first phase, therefore we aim to enrich the experiences of students but beyond the narrow framework of the school environment. Their "engagement" with other partners, the European experience and practical training in something new for them is the prime target of this project. Also, it will lay the foundations for further future collaboration with educational organizations that provide training beyond the boundaries of the school.